SST - Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho

All workers are entitled to provide their work under conditions that respect their safety and health.These conditions must be provided by the employer employer or the person, identified by law, responsible for the management of the premises. 

The prevention of possible risks should be developed by means of standards and programs that QualiRAM is certified to provide.

In this area we offer:

  • Organization of Health and Safety services at work;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Formação diversa na área de Segurança no Trabalho, Segurança Contra Incêndios, Primeiros Socorros e Suporte Básico de Vida;
  • Filling of annex D to the annual single report;
  • Elaboration of sustainability studies;
  • Fire safety audits;
  • Laboral and environmental noise assessment;
  • Acoustic evaluation of buildings;
  • Vibration assessment;
  • Thermal environment evaluation;
  • Energy certification of buildings;
  • DAE - Programa de desfribrilhação automáticos externos;
  • Control of the level of alcoolemia;
  • Medice at work;
  • Fire Safety Projects 1st to 4th CAT;
  • Safety Data Sheet 1ª CAT;
  • Self-protection measures;
  • Internal security plans;
  • Sale of fire fighting material and emergency signage;
  • Periodic inspection of gas installations;
  • Measurement of illuminance levels;
  • Elaboration of PSS;
  • Coordination and monitoring of construction safety;
  • Atribuição de placa de conformidade consoante o nível de cumprimentos dos requisitos legais e boas práticas.

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