Automatic External Defibrillation program

An DAE is a portable electronic device that in situations of cardiorespiratory arrest analyzes the heart rhythm and, in the indicated cases, applies an electric shock in order to resume a normal cardiac cycle and thus avoid the death of the victim.

Programa DAE

Um programa DAE consiste em disponibilizar, num determinado local, desfibrilhadores e pessoas (Operacionais DAE) capazes de assegurar manobras de SBV e desfibrilhação nos primeiros minutos após a ocorrência de uma paragem cardiorrespiratória.

Enquadramento legal

O The Decree-Law 188/2009 of August 12 that came to establish the rules to which is subject to the practice of DAE by lay staff in extra-hospital environment is complemented with the Decree-law 184/2012 which came to make mandatory the Installation of DAE equipment in certain public places of access.