Personal Planning


"Personal Planning is a way of life! It helps me in my day-to-day overcoming challenges, managing emotions and being myself. "
Engineer Sónia Gonçalves
Coach Profissional - International Certified Professional Coach

The emotional management tool that helps in the discovery of Yourself

The human being is not in this life just to feed, sleep, wake up and work. We need answers and tools to help you better understand the emotions to overcome barriers, namely:

  • Personal and interpersonal relationship
    (Self-knowledge, individual differences, teamwork);
  • Demotivation, low productivity;
  • Lack of opportunity for growth;
  • Personal problems
    (Family and financial, addictions);
  • Anxiety, depression;
  • Stress/Burnout.


  • A self-help and self-knowledge tool;
  • A help to develop inner peace, the high power of creation and achievement;
  • A lever for business success;
  • An incentive for the human being to feel the inexhaustible source of love and wisdom that is;
  • An innovative technique of personal life planning, tailored to each individual.


Personal and professional development

Emotional management through the practice of silence – meditation

Personal and professional values


Conflict management

Motivation and Initiative

Personal responsibility

Self-knowledge of personal and professional values

Inner peace

Development of gifts and talents

Enhancement of interpersonal relationships

Internal and external communication

Assertive leadership of your life

Development of the practice of observation

Invest in yourself!

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